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Karen Perdue (left) and Ellen Ganley (right) in front of the National Archives.

MorningsideHospital.com was initially the result of research by Ellen Ganley and Karen Perdue into the history of mental health care in Alaska. Once the focus became Morningside Hospital, the volunteer research team expanded in numbers and across the country. They are assisted by Information Insights’ web staff Jana Peirce and Emma Funk, and Nancy Lowe.


In 2010, MorningsideHospital.com was named a “Top 50 Hospital Blog.” More about the award »

In 2011, the Lost Alaskans project was honored by the Alaska Historical Society with the Pathfinder Award. More about the award »

Research Team

Ellen Ganley (Fairbanks) – CEO/Principal Consultant, Information Insights

Karen Perdue (Fairbanks) – CEO/Executive Director, Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association

Marylou Elton (Washington, DC) – Volunteer Researcher, National Archives II

Meg Greene (Fairbanks) – Superior Court Judge (retired), 4th Judicial District

Vivian Hamilton (Anchorage) – Communications Manager, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority

Sally Mead (Anchorage)University of Alaska Anchorage Allied Health Programs

Robin Renfroe (Fairbanks) – VP Human Resources, Doyon, Limited

Deborah Smith (Juneau) – Executive Director (retired), Alaskan Mental Health Board and Denali Kid Care

Niejse Steinkruger (Fairbanks) – Superior Court Judge (retired), 4th Judicial District

Eric Cordingley (Portland) and David Anderson (Portland) – Friends of Multnomah Park Cemetery

Through their research, Eric Cordingley and David Anderson have identified 1,000 people who died at Morningside Hospital.

Blog Team

Jana Peirce (Fairbanks) – Senior Consultant, Information Insights

Nancy Lowe (Fairbanks) – Project Coordinator, Information Insights

Emma Funk (Fairbanks) – Web Intern, Information Insights

Information Insights

Information Insights is an Alaska-based public policy research and management consulting firm with offices in Fairbanks and Anchorage, which provides support and web hosting for MorningsideHospital.com. More about Information Insights »