1920 US Census Data Added

The 1920 US Census data has been posted and added to the Wall of Names. The Census data is interesting in that it contains information that our other lists do not, including birthplace, marital status, literacy, race, and mother tongue, all of which will be helpful to researchers tracking down family history. This was a hand-written document that had to be transcribed into a spreadsheet, we’ve done our best to ensure the data was copied accurately, but there may be typos.

You can view these lists here: 1920 US Census

When we posted the 1955 Department of the Interior Report, we pointed out some names that appeared on both that list and the Wickersham Papers. With the addition of the 1920 US Census list there are even more names that appear on multiple lists, helping to fill out the profile of some Morningside patients.

For example:

  • Emile Johnson appears in both the Wickersham Papers and the 1920 US Census. The Census tells us he’s a 31-year-old, single, white male from Sweden who speaks English but cannot read or write. The Wickersham Papers tells us he was committed from Valdez on 11/11/1912 as patient #439. Using information from the two different sources we can compilate some additional data too: if he was 31 in 1920 (from the Census), that would make him ~23 when he was committed in 1912.
  • Charles Benson appears in all three of the current lists. He was committed 2/16/1915 from Ketchikan with patient # 553. The US Census reports that he was 44 years old and single in 1920, and lists him as a literate, white male from Sweden.
  • G. Osawa is on both the Wickersham Papers and the US Census. The Census tells us that G. Osawa was a 43-year-old single Japanese man who could read and write, and spoke English. Wickersham Papers tell us he was committed 5/10/1911 from Wrangel with patient # 355

There are many, many more entries like these.

Deborah is currently working on typing the hand-written 1930 US Census, and it will be posted as soon as it’s complete.

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